About us

We are the  weather communication experts.
We developed GeoWeather, which makes the difference in weather communication.
To create a new style in weather communication is not easy, because all elements, which are essential for that, are normally seperated.

Weather data are processed by state institutions, the National Weather Services.
The communication of weather is normally done by private companies.

The founder Regina Stöber-Yurdakul overcame this border, when she served as an experienced digital artist in the National Weather Service of Germany, DWD, which ventured for some years, entering the commercial world of communication by running the department (Medien Service Zentrum).

Established companies for weather communication are seperated from the world of Numerical Weather Prediction and are not on the forefront in internet and mobile technologies.

IP-wetter was able to combine all this disconnected worlds
in all of which the founder, Regina Stöber Yurdakul has professional experience.

She is combinining:

IP-Wetter was funded by the ESA Business Incubation Initiative to develop GeoWeather.

Our market is Renewable energy,

For more information see the presentation(in german).