About Geo-Wind

Geo-wind is the first market-ready product derived from Geo-meteo.
Geo-wind is a sea weather forecast   for sailors. It is available with the browser or as an app.
Actual data can be bought in the shop.


High performance animations at any zoomlevel

The Combination of worldwide zoomable maps with fast animations is the nature of the invention of Geo-wind.

Professional High Quality Wind and Waveforecasts

Geo-wind enables the access to high quality wind and waveforecasts over the internet, which before was only accessible on desktop-P'C's, requiring the installation of a viewing software for grib data. With Geo-wind also hobby sailors, renting a boat, have now access to that professional data quality, using smartphones, ipads, netbooks or notebooks together with mobile connect usb sticks, or wlan in the harbour.

Comfortable usability

The superior usability is the difference to all existing internet based wind -and wave forecasts. You get with one click in one view all the information, you need: The forecast exactly for your place The forecast for the surrounding areas. This all displayed on a  zoomable map for the best geografical orientation: